The Breakroom

Linea in the Wild

February 2, 2017

By Webmaster

We’ve been floored by the overwhelming response to Linea, our new sketching app for the iPad. Reviews from across the web have been wonderful, but even better than all the positive feedback is seeing what people have been creating with it.

Artists such as Eric Merced, Audra Furuichi and Fredo Houben have been posting some amazing drawings and sketches that show what can be done when you have the right set of tools in front of you. We’ve started an Instagram account to showcase what people have been creating, from professional artists, to hobbyists, to people who just love to doodle. Check out Linea on Instagram to take a look.

One of the highlights for us this week is Serenity Caldwell’s animated review of Linea she created for iMore. Serenity sketches her way through the Linea interface, giving a grand tour of Linea’s powerful simplicity. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but Serenity’s incredible review left us speechless.

Download Linea for the iPad today from the App Store.