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Introducing Twitterrific for macOS

October 10, 2017

By Webmaster

Today we’re pleased to announce the all-new Twitterrific for macOS. Over 9 months in development, it’s the latest and greatest version of the third-party Twitter app that started it all. The app has been re-imagined from the ground up to be both fast and friendly, and is chock full of modern features that make Twitter fun to use. Here are just some of the ways the new release makes Twitter terrific:

Twitter Your Way

Twitterrific accounts icon

Twitterrific for macOS features a clean, uncluttered timeline displaying just the content you care about. There are no advertisements, promoted tweets, or “while you were away” updates getting in the way of the stuff you care about most. In addition, tweets are presented in chronological order and other people’s likes aren’t cluttering up your timeline.

Designed for macOS

You’ll quickly see the new version feels right at home on the Mac. The app supports Notification Center for mentions and direct messages, and provides built-in sharing for Mail, Messages, or social media services like Facebook. The app also sports beautiful animations, full-screen mode, and more. And all of it designed for Apple’s gorgeous high resolution Retina displays.

Twitterrific's sharing panel showing Facebook highlighted

Mutli-Timeline Support

Take control of your tweets with multiple windows for a single or multiple accounts, all neatly organized on your Mac’s desktop. Twitterrific’s new Media Viewer lets you easily browse multiple images or watch videos. Media and popover windows can be detached from a timeline for easy reference or tracking conversations.

Full Accessibility

macOS Accessibility icon

Twitterrific’s award-winning accessibility on iOS has come to the Mac, making it the most accessible Twitter client available anywhere. Navigate your timelines, compose tweets, and even attach image descriptions quickly and easily using VoiceOver. Image descriptions included in a tweet are also read along with the rest of the text. Users with vision difficulties can use the appearance panel described below to improve readability.

Tweet In Style

Twitterrific’s appearance panel supports dark and light themes, lets you customize fonts and type sizes, and even control how media appears in the timeline. Media thumbnails can be large for easy viewing, minimized for fewer distractions, or hidden altogether: it’s your choice.

Twitterrific timeline windows displayed in the dark theme via the Appearance tab in preferences

Read Anywhere

Whether you use Twitterrific on your iPhone, iPad, or another Mac, the app automatically syncs your reading position for a seamless Twitter experience. Catch up on your latest tweets on mobile, then pick up right where you left off when you’re back at your desktop, just like magic! Twitterrific also syncs your muffles and mutes from iOS to help you avoid spoilers and unwanted tweets on your Mac’s desktop.

There are also a host of other features that you’re sure to enjoy while using Twitterrific. Here are just a few:

• Quickly delete and edit your own tweets
• Quick access to Emoji when composing new tweets and messages
• Support for tweet storms and chained tweet threads
• Translate tweets to your native language
• View user profiles complete with past tweets, likes, and mentions
• Block and report spammers with a single click from their profile
• Robust keyboard control

The new Twitterrific for macOS joins our venerable iOS app in creating a wonderful Twitter experience regardless of platform. Designed for ease of use, accessibility, and the modern macOS desktop, the app is a stylish companion to keep up with what’s happening on Twitter. Twitterrific for macOS is available today from the Mac App Store. Enjoy!