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Twitterrific for macOS Adds A Host of Features

October 23, 2017

By Webmaster

We’re pleased to follow up the initial release of Twitterrific for macOS with an important update that adds several crucial features and makes the app even more of a joy to use. Today’s 5.1 update brings the ability to muffle & mute tweets, adds a general preference to keep your timeline pinned to the top, adds status indicators on the Dock and menu bar icons, and much more.

Muffles and Mutes

Twitterrific's timeline shown with a tweet selected and the user about to enable a muffle on a tweet

You can now quickly add usernames, keywords, phrases, hashtags, and domains to your list of items to be muffled in the timeline. Simply click the ⋯ Action menu, pick “Muffle Tweet”, and select an item from the list to instantly minimize matching tweets. Muffles stay out of the way and let you avoid spoilers or discussions about people or topics. However, if you want to see what’s being said, simply click on a muffled tweet to “peek” at it. When you scroll away, the tweet re-collapses automatically.

We’ve also added a handy feature for the Mac – if you want to muffle a word or phrase in the tweet, select that text in the body of the tweet before muffling and Twitterrific will present it as an option.

Twitterrific's muffle interface in Preferences

Twitterrific 5.1 also lets you manage your muffles or convert them into full mutes that are completely removed from the timeline. Open Preferences and select the Muffles panel to access the new editor. From here you can type new words, phrases, and even complex regular expressions to hide a wide range of tweets.

Finally, we’ve added something new to Twitterrific just for this release – muffling by client. You can now prevent posts from specific Twitter apps from appearing in your timeline. As with all muffles, everything is synced seamlessly via iCloud so you can avoid annoying tweets wherever you are. Reminder: You must have iCloud Drive enabled on your Mac for Muffles to sync.

Automatic Scrolling

With today’s release we’ve added one of our users’ most requested features – automatic scrolling. First, enable “Keep timeline pinned to top” in General preferences and then scroll your timeline to the very top. Any new tweets will then automatically scroll into view. If you wish to pause automatic scrolling, simply scroll the timeline away from the top tweet temporarily. Auto scrolling will resume as soon as you return to the top.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

This update contains a host of improvements that make using Twitterrific for macOS even better. Be sure to visit the version history page for the complete list, but here are just some of the highlights:

  • Status indicators for new mentions & direct messages
  • Right-click on Direct Message thread to mark as read or delete
  • Added a new, smaller text size setting called “Miniature”
  • Added new, lighter display fonts: “System Light” and “Avenir Light”
  • You can now use the HJKL keys to navigate the timeline
  • Hover over timestamp for a tooltip showing the app used to post
  • Added “Jump To Marker” and “Jump To Last Unread” to the Timeline menu

There’s much to explore in the latest update (including a fun surprise incluyendo un premio divertido). We hope you enjoy checking out all the new features we’ve packed into this release. Twitterrific 5.1 is available today in the Mac App Store. Enjoy!