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Movies and Mutes and Muffles, Oh My!

March 27, 2018

By Sean Heber

Our latest releases of Twitterrific bring video uploading, support for Twitter’s native mute functionality, and powerful new muffling capabilities to both iOS and macOS.

It’s been a long time coming, but you can finally attach videos to tweets with Twitterrific! It couldn’t be easier – just tap the camera icon and pick a movie to attach. That’s all there is to it. Twitterrific takes care of transcoding the video for Twitter (if necessary) during the upload process, so you don’t have to worry about formats and bitrates – just make sure it’s 140 seconds or shorter.

On iOS, there are a couple of other new options for attaching media to your tweets. In addition to photos and links, our sharing extension now supports video, so you can share your favorite video clip directly from the Photos app without needing to open Twitterrific at all. If the image or video you want to tweet isn’t in your photo library, simply long-press on the camera icon in the compose window in Twitterrific to open a general purpose document picker. From here, you can navigate to anywhere on iCloud Drive or within other supported apps to find and attach the exact file you want.

Super Powered Muffles in Twitterrific

Twitterrific has long supported blocking users, but sometimes blocking someone is a bit more heavy-handed than you’d like. Muffling and muting was one of the ways that we addressed this situation, but where was no way to synchronize our rules with Twitter since they didn’t support anything like it. Eventually Twitter caught on and decided to implement their own basic muting feature, so we’ve integrated theirs with ours.

If you’ve created any muffle rules for users that you had switched to “mute” mode, Twitterrific will now migrate them by creating a Twitter mute for that user instead. This automatic migration only affects screen name muffle rules set to mute – all other muffle rules remain unaffected.

You can now easily mute a user from the actions menu on a tweet or on a user’s profile. This immediately mutes the user in Twitterrific as well as on Once a user is muted, their tweets disappear from your timelines in much the same way as when blocking a user. You also no longer receive push notifications from that user. To unmute a user, navigate to their profile and unmute from there. Muting a user does not unfollow them and the muted user has no way of knowing they’ve been muted.

Super Powered Muffles in Twitterrific

Muting tweets from a specific person is useful, but it lacks nuance. We decided to explore a few new ways of muffling tweets that give you more control when you want it. Sometimes you follow someone interesting that keeps retweeting the same uninteresting person over and over. With our new rules, you can muffle retweets from a specific person that retweets any other specific person. Or you could muffle all retweets of someone but not anyone else. Whatever you want! Likewise, there are new rules for muffling quoted tweets, tweets quoted by others, mentions of a specific person and more. In addition to these new ones, all of our other muffle rule types have also been extended so you can apply any given muffle rule to either everyone in your timeline, or just a specific person. To learn more about how these powerful new controls work, check out our knowledge base article.

This release may be packed full of new features, but we also squeezed in a few bug fixes, too. Check out the iOS and Mac release notes to see the full list. The download the updates from their respective App Stores. Enjoy!