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October 24, 2018

By Webmaster

Sharing from the Finder with Twitterrific's new sharing extension

No matter what some people think, there are some things that a native app can do better than the web. One of those things is providing a system-wide sharing extension.

With the release of Twitterrific 5.3.7 for Mac, we’re happy to announce that we now fully support sharing. After downloading the update, you’ll need to enable it in System Preferences (under Extensions > Share Menu). After that you’ll see Twitterrific show up in when you click on the sharing icon.

Another thing we’ve done to embrace System Preferences is add new timeline theme options that follow your current Light and Dark Mode setting. It’s perfect for folks who use utilities to automatically switch based upon location or time of day.

For a full rundown on what’s new, including important changes in the About box, check the version history. If you’re not already a customer, check out the features or download the app today!