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Twitterrific 6.1 – Multi-Window!

October 24, 2019

By Webmaster

Leeloo holds from The Fifth Element holds up an iPad pro running Twitterrific 6.1 with multiple windows - MULTI-WINDOW!

Ever since iOS 13 was officially launched back on September 19th, we’ve been hard at work whipping Twitterrific into shape for the new operating system. Today’s update brings some amazing new features including automatic theme switching, improved visual styling and most notably support for multiple windows on iPad.

We can’t tell you how happy we are to be able to bring multiple timelines to Twitterrific on the iPad. This is a feature users have been requesting for years, and now thanks to iOS 13 it’s easy to activate and amazing to use.

As Many Windows As You Want

Have more than one Twitter account you want to keep tabs on? Maybe you use a single account but have lists of people you like to follow. Perhaps you just want to monitor your mentions or a favorite saved search all the time. Thanks to Twitterrific and iOS 13’s new multi-window support you can do all of these things and more.

Autoplaying video of an iPad running Twitterrific 6.1 with multiple windows

There are multiple ways to open new windows with Twitterrific 6.1. Perhaps the easiest is, with Twitterrific already running, to simply drag a new copy of the app from the iPad’s home screen dock up into iOS’s split view and release. From there you can then select the account or timeline type for the new instance and you’re ready to go.

You can also drag and drop the sidebar button out to create a new window for the account that’s currently active. Another way is to drag any account avatar from the account picker out of the panel to spawn a new window as well. Once you have a second window created, you can adjust window widths and select unique tabs like lists or searches for each one. Twitterrific remembers your window settings making browsing a snap.

Finally, with auto-refreshing, all of Twitterrific’s windows will continue to update and keep their reading positions in sync across all your devices. How cool is that?

Come to the Dark Side

Of course Twitterrific has had support for themes and our own Dark Mode for years. We’ve been constantly improving our themes, adding new light and dark entries, refining usability and recently announced the ability to create your own custom themes.

Auto theme-switching in Twitterrific 6.1

Today we’re pleased to announce support for iOS 13’s automatic theme switching to Twitterrific’s roster of features. Open Twitterrific’s appearance panel and set the app to change theme according to the system appearance. When iOS 13 changes from light to dark or vice versa, Twitterrific responds accordingly with the custom day and night themes you prefer.

We’ve kept the ability to manually switch themes as well as using Twitterrific’s own internal sunrise/sunset preferences so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can also change themes manually in the Appearance panel or via the two-finger swipe left/right gesture whenever you wish. Very handy when the lights go down unexpectedly.

Improvements Galore

We’ve also combed through the app and brought it inline with iOS 13’s visual styling so Twitterrific feels right at home. Popup views use native card-style behavior for the new OS. Alerts, menus and controls are all themed based on your personal theme preferences and the ‘System Font’ has been updated to a new, smoother typeface for iOS 13.

Other improvements include increased accessibility for the account picker panel for VoiceOver users, smoother loading of content on user profiles, new keyboard shortcuts and more accurate reading position synchronization across iPad, iPhone and Mac.

There are so many more improvements and bug fixes be sure to visit Twitterrific’s version history page for the entire list of what’s new, then head to the App Store and download Twitterrific 6.1 for iOS today. The app is free to download so enjoy and thanks for your support!