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What’s New? Wallaroo!

September 12, 2022

By Webmaster

Introducing Wallaroo – the quickest and easiest way to browse and set wallpapers on your iOS devices. The Iconfactory has been crafting custom wallpapers for the Mac and iOS community for over 25 years, and now we’ve packaged them up in a fun, handy app that’s available today on the iOS App Store.

Wallaroo comes with dozens of FREE wallpapers with hundreds more available after you subscribe. New wallpapers are released each week so there’s always something to fit your mood or current style.

It’s also fun to say!

Quick and Easy

Wallaroo’s superpower comes to you thanks to Apple’s Shortcuts. A series of simple actions takes the drudgery out of getting something onto your Lock or Home Screen. Pick a wallpaper in the app, tap a button, and you’re set!

Our wallpapers are organized into collections like Abstract, Comics, Dark Mode, and more. Every wallpaper release also has tags that let you explore and find related content. And when you find a wallpaper you love, it’s easy to make it a favorite for future reference.

Latest and Greatest

For the past three years, our Patreon supporters have enjoyed regular, weekly wallpaper updates so there’s always something new on the horizon. Wallaroo continues this tradition with new and exclusive content each and every week, so the next great wallpaper is never more than just a few days away.

Set It With Style

We’ve always been inspired by popular culture for as long as we can remember. Wallpapers that pay homage to movies, anime, television, or the latest technology are just some of the fun topics to explore in Wallaroo’s galleries. We also love beautiful, abstract, and elegant wallpapers so naturally Wallaroo has plenty of those to offer as well.

Many releases also come with additional colors and layouts for that added touch of customization you’ve come to expect from the Iconfactory. There’s something for everyone in Wallaroo.

No Ads, Only Wallpapers

We’ve thrived over the years by treating our customers with respect. Wallaroo doesn’t collect your information, serve you ads, or push sketchy schemes. We just want to keep bringing you great content and get paid for our efforts. It’s as simple as that.

Give Wallaroo a Go!

Wallaroo is available today as a FREE download on the iOS App Store. Be sure to visit the official product website and follow us on Twitter for more information in the days and weeks ahead. If you love customizing your screens, hop on over and give Wallaroo a go!