The Breakroom

Project Tapestry’s Home Stretch

February 29, 2024

By Webmaster

Our Kickstarter to bring Project Tapestry to life is in the final stretch. The base project was funded within the first few days, but we’d love to add even more features. To do that we need to hit some stretch goals! We’re asking for your help one last time to spread the word or back the project if you can. We also still have a few pixel portraits available to add on to your pledge – get a hand-drawn custom image made just for you!

If you want to learn even more about Tapestry and get the inside story, be sure to check out these great podcasts:

Double Tap – The importance of accessibility in Project Tapestry and more.

The Aftershow – Where Tapestry came from and our history of making great apps.

Crossed Wires – What goes into developing an app like Tapestry and what’s next.

While the Kickstarter has been up and running, we’ve been busy laying the ground work for development to begin in earnest as soon as the project is funded. We’ve begun wire framing the app’s structure, planning user interactions, coding new plugins, and exploring how Tapestry will sync your data across devices.

Tapestry’s journey is just beginning and with your help, we’re confident we can reach our stretch goals and do our part to support a more open and accessible web. We’re all excited to get to work, so thanks to everyone who has supported the project this month – you’ve helped make Tapestry a reality.