The Breakroom

Announcing the immediate release of xScope 3.1 for Mac and xScope Mirror 1.2 for iOS, now available via the App Store or via the Check for Updates… option from the application menu. This important update ads all-new functionality to the Mirror tool and allows users to view not only Mac desktop windows, but also image […]

Dine-O-Matic for iPhone

February 16, 2012

Announcing Dine-O-Matic, a fun new iPhone app that selects from your favorite places to eat when you just can’t make up your mind. Does your family have a hard time deciding where to head for dinner? Co-workers want to go one place for lunch, but you want to go some place else? Take the pressure […]

We’re pleased to announce the release of xScope 3.0.1 for Mac and xScope Mirror 1.1 for iOS, now available via the App Store or via the Check for Updates… option from the application menu. This update fixes several key bugs including one that prevented color information from being pasted into apps like Adobe Photoshop and […]

We’re pleased to announce a small point update for Twitterrific, our popular Twitter client for the iPhone, iPad and Mac that makes several key usability improvements. Version 4.4.6’s most notable improvement is in the area of timeline gap handling. After long delays between refreshes, tweet gaps of several hours can appear in the timeline leaving […]

xScope Grid

January 26, 2012

To help celebrate the overwhelmingly successful launch of xScope 3, our versatile toolbox for designers and developers, Corey has built a set of wallpapers for your Mac and iOS devices. Based on the grid pattern used in the app, the iOS Mirror tool and on the website these precisely aligned desktop pictures will sit quietly […]

Introducing xScope 3.0

January 19, 2012

The Iconfactory and ARTIS Software are pleased to announce xScope v 3.0. xScope is a powerful set of tools that you can use to measure, inspect and test on-screen elements. Version 3 has been redesigned for clarity, optimized for the latest Macs, and brings over 70 new features and improvements that are sure to make […]

Year in Review for 2011

December 20, 2011

The monitors are dim and the WACOM pens lay silent which means we’ve all headed out to spend some much needed time with our friends and families for the holidays. It also means it’s time once again to reflect on where we’ve been this past year, what we’ve accomplished and look forward to the road […]

This week podcast hosts Marc Edwards, Seth Clifford and Rene Ritchie invited Ged over to talk about a range of design related subjects in their latest episode of Iterate. The discussion was really fun and informative and the trio posed great questions about where we came from, our icon design process, how Twitterrific came into […]

Announcing the immediate release of IconBuilder 8.5.3 for use with Adobe Photoshop and Mac OS X. This latest update to our professional Photoshop & Fireworks filter for creating icons on the Macintosh, now fully supports large format (1024×1024) ICNS files displayed in Apple’s latest operating system – Lion. Designers & developers running Lion can now […]

There are monsters and then there are monsters. You know the ones we mean, the ones that froze your soul as a child and kept you up nights wondering if you’d still be alive when the sun came up. Now, Iconfactory artist Dave Brasgalla has brought some of these ghoulish fiends to life in an […]