The Breakroom

Our resident comic book nut Talos Tsui has created an all-new desktop picture to accompany Gedeon’s recent icon release of Justice League. Now you can have the forces of good right there on your desktop as you battle evil deadlines and malicious kernel panics. Surf on over to scoop up this cool creation in a […]

“Launch Evangelion!”

February 24, 2004

This week’s freeware release takes the form of a cool, new anime desktop picture from resident worker, Mindy. Let’s Go Asuka! is available in multiple resolutions for those of you running anything from a cinema display all the way down to your cute little iBook. Mindy’s Evangelion series of desktop pictures has proven very popular […]

New Evangelion Desktop

July 10, 2003

Our own News Hound and Artist, Mindy, has released the latest desktop in her popular Evangelion series – Rei in Pastels. This bold picture makes a great addition to any anime fan’s computer desktop and is striking and yet subtle. Be sure to check out Mindy’s other graphic desktops based on the art of Neon […]

The Day of Anime

March 14, 2003

The planets of Japanese animation have somehow aligned today because in addition to the icon set mentioned below, we wanted to let everyone know that Mindy has released a really kick-butt desktop pict of one of our favorite characters from Evangelion. So get yourself in gear and check it out!