The Breakroom

Year In Review for 2019

December 19, 2019

As we once again close out the year, and decade, here at the Iconfactory, we’d like to reflect back on all our accomplishments and look forward to the next year. Our 23rd year in business was a mix of familiar favorites and exciting new ground, as we laid foundations for making a sustainable business in […]

For over 20 years The Iconfactory has been drawing icons, designing user interfaces, and building great software. We also used to create loads of free wallpapers and desktop icons just for fun, but we got busy and that tradition got lost. Before we knew it, years had gone by without any new freeware. Let’s Do […]

Ramp Champ Halloween Treat!

October 29, 2009

Good news for fans of Ramp Champ, the Iconfactory & DS Media Labs’ skee-ball game for the iPhone. The fine folks at Atomicon have conjured up a special album version of the Grave Danger soundtrack from the game and released it as a free, downloadable MP3 just for you. If you enjoyed the creepy melodies […]

Announcing Dine-O-Matic 2!

August 22, 2007

We are pleased to announce the long-awaited sequel to our popular Dashboard widget Dine-O-Matic. Does your family have a hard time deciding on where to head for dinner? Your co-workers want to go one place for lunch, but you want to go some place else? No problem, enter your selections into Dine-O-Matic and let the […]

Our popular and free desktop application, Twitterrific, continues to help Mac users everywhere tweet away. We’re happy to announce a new release that fixes a few small bugs—details are in the What’s New file included in the download. If you love Twitter, then an update to Twitterrific 1.1.1 is recommended. Enjoy!

We’re pleased to announce that our popular, free desktop application, Twitterrific, has received both public and critical accolades since its release. It was only fitting therefore to incorporate some of the most common feature requests to create today’s release. In addition to several important bug fixes, Twitterrific 1.1 now displays the remaining character count when […]

Introducing Twitterrific!

January 15, 2007

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of a brand new software product – Twitterrific. Over the past month or so, the workers have discovered the joys of Twitter. So what exactly is Twitter you ask? Twitter is a social networking web service that lets you stay in touch with friends, family or even […]

Our Chief Typist, Craig Hockenberry has written a new freeware utility that checks for applications in your Downloads folder. It was created in response to the MP3Concept Trojan horse release of April 2004. See John Gruber’s excellent commentary on this Trojan and the controversy/hype that it generated. Although its highly unlikely Mac users will encounter […]