The Breakroom

Version 1.2 of our music pausing utility Take Five has arrived for the Mac. This new version offers the ability to pause and auto-resume music from Sonora, a re-designed preferences panel and bug fixes. We’re also launching a special price of just .99

A year ago tomorrow, the Iconfactory and ARTIS Software launched Flare, our digital darkroom photo effects editor for Mac OS X. The app was met with critical and popular success and has become one of our most popular applications. Much has happened in the year since Flare launched and we wanted to take a moment […]

Dine-O-Matic for iPhone

February 16, 2012

Announcing Dine-O-Matic, a fun new iPhone app that selects from your favorite places to eat when you just can’t make up your mind. Does your family have a hard time deciding where to head for dinner? Co-workers want to go one place for lunch, but you want to go some place else? Take the pressure […]

Year in Review for 2011

December 20, 2011

The monitors are dim and the WACOM pens lay silent which means we’ve all headed out to spend some much needed time with our friends and families for the holidays. It also means it’s time once again to reflect on where we’ve been this past year, what we’ve accomplished and look forward to the road […]

We are pleased to announce that Flare, our popular Mac photo effects editing application, has been updated to version 1.2.1. This latest update brings several new features for users of Mac OS X Lion including full screen mode and auto-resume. With auto-resume you can quit Flare in the middle of experimenting on a photo and […]

“It’s alive! ALIVE!”

October 11, 2011

Few things around here get the old bones rattling and the blood pumping like Halloween does. Our favorite holiday is fast approaching and so the hordes of mindless thralls (sorry, we mean workers) have dug up the undead to help ‘redecorate’ the factory one more time. Keep your eyes peeled (and we do mean peeled) […]

Introducing Flare 1.2

August 16, 2011

The latest update to Flare, our popular photo editing app for Mac OS X, is now available for download. Version 1.2 introduces external editing for seamless integration with iPhoto, Aperture, and Lightroom. Designate Flare as your external editor in one of those apps and you can jump into Flare to edit your photo, then return […]

We’re pleased to announce that version 1.1 of our handy music pausing utility Take Five has arrived for the Mac. This latest version adds the ability to pause music from the most popular Mac audio desktop programs including Ecoute, Pulsar, Radium, Rdio, and Spotify. The same elegant and easy to use interface that controlled iTunes […]

Flare was already an incredibly powerful and flexible photo editing app. Now version 1.1 adds even more options to your digital darkroom. Flare 1.1 adds six brand new presets, including “Daguerreotype”, a preset based on one of the very first photographic processes from the 1800s. We’ve also added a slew of new effects to Flare. […]

Flare 1.0.2 Arrives

May 13, 2011

Announcing Flare 1.0.2 for Mac OS X. This latest update allows you to move the location of the Flare Preset folder to anywhere on your hard drive, including a Dropbox volume. This means you can now quickly and easily share a single set of Presets across multiple Macs running Flare. Here are some of the […]