The Breakroom

Your Giant, Furry End Is Nigh!

August 15, 2006

By Webmaster


In his quirky and much-loved cartoon series from 2001, Invader Zim was always on the look-out for new and exciting ways to conquer earth and enslave humanity. For this week’s freeware release from artist Mindy Weaver, we’re talking about a 100 foot, lovable (but deadly) hamster named Peepi, mutated out of control and bent on cute but utter destruction! Such is the hilarious horror that is depicted in ‘Hamstergeddon’ in both widescreen and fullscreen desktop formats.

Along with Hamstergeddon, Mindy has also whipped up a second picture of Zim’s faithful sidekick, Gir, for your viewing pleasure. Despite low ratings and a swift cancellation on Nickelodeon, Invader Zim’s unique animation style and dark humor quickly gained it “cult” status. Fans like Mindy discovered it on DVD and we are pleased to introduce Zim’s sensibilities to your Mac and PC desktop.