The Breakroom

Zim Will Not Be Denied!

August 22, 2006

By Webmaster

We knew you loved Invader Zim, but we didn’t know how much until last week’s release of Mindy’s desktop pictures based on the cult cartoon. Due to the flood of positive responses, Mindy has whipped up two more ultra-cool images for your Mac or PC desktop for this week’s release. ‘The Tallest’ is based on the two leaders of Zim’s Empire who share royal ruling duties. They stare down at him in disgust in this clever image that is sure to give your desktop a fun, but spooky make over. The second desktop is a fun, simple tribute to the show itself in the form of the Irken Empire logo and is something that any fan will love. We hope you enjoy these Zim desktops and keep that feedback coming!