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Frenzic Receives 8.25/10 from Inside Mac Games

May 9, 2007

By Webmaster


The web’s premiere source for Mac gaming news, Inside Mac Games, has posted their online review of Frenzic and we couldn’t be more pleased. IMG reviewer Charlie Fletcher calls Frenzic a “stylish puzzle game” with “hypnotically jazzy” music, a game that is both fun and difficult. Frenzic scored a 9.0 out of a possible 10 in the category of gameplay as well as solid 8.0’s in the other three categories of graphics, sound and value. All this adds up to 8.25/10 for ARTIS and the Iconfactory’s initial foray into Macintosh gaming, higher than Luxor 2 or even Blizzard’s ‘Burning Crusade’. We can’t wait to use the tag line “It’s better than Warcraft!” in a future ad campaign. ;-)

Head on over to IMG and check out the review today, then grab the game from and see what has everyone in a frantic fit. Frenzic is available today for Mac OS X for $14.95.

UPDATE: now happily accepts payments via PayPal for your purchasing needs. Enjoy!