The Breakroom

Year In Review for 2021

December 21, 2021

Another year has come to a close and it’s time to reflect on our accomplishments over the past fifty-two weeks. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot! The year 2021 was full of major milestones as we crafted a new and exciting chapter in the life of our very first game, celebrated 25 years in business, continued […]

The bots are back! Today we’re announcing the grand opening of Frenzic: Overtime’s Test Lab. Compete against friends and other players worldwide in WhizBot’s exciting daily challenges. Devise unique strategies to earn Squarks and complete bonuses as you fight to earn your place as top bot on the leaderboard. Report to the Test Lab every […]

Last month’s announcement was a long time coming. Frenzic on macOS was introduced 14 years ago. For players on iOS, it was a mere 13 year wait. Our First Wait The long delay shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise: the development history of Frenzic is full of waiting for the right moment. […]

Making Music for Robots

June 28, 2021

Frenzic: Overtime is the fast-paced sequel to the original game which first debuted thirteen years ago. Everything about this new title has been propelled far beyond the original – including the soundtrack music which is streaming now on Apple Music and Spotify. When I created the original music for Frenzic, I’d been a casual GarageBand […]

DoBots, Assemble!

June 18, 2021

Today’s the day! The long-awaited sequel to Frenzic, one of the App Store’s first hit games, is now available on Apple Arcade. Frenzic: Overtime combines fast-paced and engaging play with stunning visuals and sound in an arcade-style puzzler for players of all ages. Creating this game has been a labor of love for all of us here […]

InfoBot dropped by to let us know that while everyone waits for the game to hit Apple Arcade on Friday, June 18th, the gift shop in the lobby of Frenzic Industries is open and accepting pre-orders for Frenzic apparel. And by gift shop we mean the fine folks over at Cotton Bureau. We’ve teamed up […]

Today we’re pleased to announce that Frenzic: Overtime is coming soon to Apple Arcade. This new game combines fast-paced and engaging play with stunning visuals and sound. It’s an arcade style puzzler that players can easily pick up and enjoy for a few minutes or even hours. We’re thrilled Apple is giving us this opportunity […]

More Frenzic!

November 26, 2010

The addictive puzzle game that dazzles the eye and teases the brain is now available on Android and Nintendo DSi. in addition to iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac. The Iconfactory and ARTIS Software partnered on the DSi version of Frenzic with Two Tribes, publisher of digital videogames for portable and home consoles. The Android version […]

As part of our special Ramp Champ promotion, we’re pleased to announce that Frenzic for iPhone is now on sale for just 99

Frenzic 1.1 for iPhone

July 20, 2009

ARTIS Software and the Iconfactory are pleased to announce our addictive puzzle game for the iPhone, Frenzic, has been updated to version 1.1. This new version fixes a few minor bugs and notably adds new piece options for colorblind players. Frenzic’s in-app preferences now let you choose between the original default colors for pie pieces […]