The Breakroom

Batman Double Whammie

October 11, 2007

By Webmaster

If there’s one super hero that feels right at home this time of year, it has to be the Dark Knight. Surrounded by costumed clowns, scarecrows and all manner of deranged super villains, Batman takes to Halloween like a duck to water. So Mindy & Ged are pleased to present you with two new desktop pictures that will feel right at home this holiday season.

First up is the venomous Blight, from the futuristic Batman Beyond series. This glowing menace has designs on the young crime fighter, and he’s got the radioactive chops to prove it. Do you dare give him a home from which to plot his evil revenge? Then stand back for the companion picture to our popular Superman animated series desktop – Batman. Now Bruce can guard your desktop with this graphic title image from Batman the Animated Series. We invite you to grab both Blight and Batman in widescreen, fullscreen or iPhone format today. Happy Halloween!