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Awesome Video Review of Frenzic

November 22, 2008

By Webmaster

As word about our addictive puzzle game, Frenzic, gets out, the reviews have started to come in. One of our favorites has to be this video review from iPhone Alley. The folks there give Frenzic five stars and have done a great job of explaining what makes Frenzic so appealing to players around the globe. It also highlights game play, internet leaderboards and settings. If you’ve been looking for more in-depth information about what Frenzic holds in store for you, then head on over to iPhone Alley and check out their review.

Be sure to also read the posted comments on Frenzic’s iTunes entry. Users everywhere are realizing just how fun and furious Frenzic feels for the iPhone and iPod touch. Frenzic is available worldwide from the App Store for $4.99.

UPDATE: TouchMyApps has also posted a great in-depth review of Frenzic. The author does a great job of explaining the details of scoring, the significance of audio cues and a whole lot more. We highly recommend it.