The Breakroom

Welcome to the New Iconfactory Blog

January 29, 2015

By Ged Maheux

We’re pleased to welcome you to the launch of the all-new Iconfactory blog. We took a break for about a year while the factory was transitioning from the old website design to the new one, but now we’re back and eager to get the blog rolling once again.

We hope you’ll bookmark the new blog and make it a regular destination as we write about topics like user interface, icon and mobile design, the latest releases of our popular apps, the state of the App Store, helpful developer resources and much more. Keep your eyes peeled here, follow the Iconfactory’s official Twitter account or like us on Facebook to keep tabs on the latest posts.


Amazingly enough, next year the Iconfactory turns 20 and for almost that entire time, we’ve been writing posts about our fun creations, client work and the state of the pixel-pushing industry. So whether you’re new to these parts, or a long-time veteran, we welcome you whole-heartedly and hope you’ll join us for the next phase of our journey. Onward and upward!