The Breakroom

Twitterrific 5.15.5 Brings Improved Quotes, a New Font & Much More

October 24, 2016

By Ged Maheux

The latest iOS update to our venerable third party Twitter app brings a host of new features and improvements. Twitterrific now displays quotes of your own tweets in the Mentions timeline which means you’ll never miss what other people are saying about your tweets again. Previously, quotes only appeared in the Today view and then only for 72 hours. Now when someone quotes one of your tweets, it will appear alongside other mentions of your tweets for easy reference. In addition, thanks to Twitterrific’s unified timeline, Quotes also appear on your Home timeline no matter if you follow the person quoting or not which is something no other Twitter client offers, not even the official client.

Twitterrific's compose screen showing a tweet displayed in Amelia

In addition, we’ve added a new font to the theme panel called Amelia. Designed by Martín Sommaruga, Amelia is a modern display face that feels geometric in appearance but has a softness that makes it especially readable, even at small sizes. It looks great in the Twitterrific timeline and when composing new tweets. To give Amelia a try, tap your round avatar to open the sidebar. Next tap the bottom center icon to open the Theme panel. From there select Amelia from the font list and you’re off to the races.

Twitterrific 5.15.5 also sports a re-designed media view that let’s you scrub videos by drawing your finger left or right over the image area and includes a host of speed, memory and battery optimizations to improve performance. Finally, we’ve squashed some important bugs including a long-standing crash when trying to load very large animated GIFs. For a complete list of what’s new, be sure to visit the Twitterrific version history page.

Twitterrific 5.15.5 is free to try via the App Store and is universal for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iPod touch. Advanced features such as tweet translation, ad removal, and more are available via in-app purchase.