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Twitterrific for macOS: Getting More for Less

February 19, 2018

By Ged Maheux

Today’s latest release of Twitterrific for macOS includes new and important features for users with multiple Twitter accounts, adds verified & protected badges on avatars, incorporates a new font, and includes a range of bug fixes.

This past week also marks the anniversary of Project Phoenix, the Kickstarter project that was the catalyst for Twitterrific’s return to the desktop. To help celebrate, we’ve lowered the price from $19.99 USD to just $7.99, a savings of 60%. With today’s 5.2.4 update and a reduced price, there’s never been a better time to tweet your way from the Mac.

Multi-user actions in Twitterrific 5.2.4 for macOS

Users with more than one Twitter account now have several options which make tweeting and browsing your timeline even easier. When composing a tweet, click your avatar to select from any of your existing accounts and Twitterrific will post the tweet accordingly. In addition, you can now right-click on a tweet’s Reply, Quote, Retweet, or Like buttons to perform the action with any account. This makes it super easy to like a tweet on another account without having to switch over to it.

Twitter user avatar showing a verified badge on the lower right corner

User profiles have also been expanded to include lists of people followed as well as followers. Additionally, verified and private accounts now include a new badge on the avatar. These new badges can be turned off in the app’s Appearance preferences.

Finally, Twitterrific has added a new preference that allows streaming of tweets to be turned off. When this is unchecked, the timeline must be manually refreshed either via the Timeline menu or by pressing the keyboard shortcut (CMD-Shift-R.) Manual refreshing can be useful for viewing a noisy Twitter search or Voice Over users who have the timeline read aloud.

Other improvements include the addition of the Georgia serif font, tweaks to the layout of user profiles, a fix for URLs being copied incorrectly, and general performance improvements. Today’s update is recommended for all Twitterrific users. Be sure to check out the complete list of what’s new in Twitterrific 5.2.4 for macOS then download the update from the App Store. Enjoy!