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Linea Sketch – New Features, Same Simplicity

March 20, 2018

By Webmaster

Linea Sketch v2 for iPad Hero Image

A little over a year ago we introduced Linea, an elegant yet powerful digital sketchbook for the iPad. Today we’re pleased to announce a major update that introduces a bevy of new features that users have been craving. These additions, along with some solid improvements, are all designed to make drawing on your iPad even easier, quicker and more enjoyable than ever. It’s like a whole new app, so we even changed the name!

Move/Transform Selections

Tap the new scissors icon in the Layers panel and draw a selection around any portion of your drawing. Linea Sketch automatically selects the content across all layers so you can move it, resize, or even rotate with simple gestures. Tap the Selection icon at the top of the screen for actions like copy, cut, duplicate, or flip. Selections are easily modified using the Add and Subtract buttons.

Linea Sketch's new Transform tool

That’s not even the best part: you can easily deactivate layers when selecting and only work with a part of your content. This works great when you have an inked outline and want to color it in different ways. Just lasso and uncheck the layer, duplicate it, and move the shape. You then have a copy that can be stylized with a background layer.


Create straight lines with ease. Simply draw a rough line with any of the tools and hold down when you reach the end. Linea Sketch automatically straightens the segment for you, eliminating the need for rulers.

Drawing quick and easy straight lines in Linea with ZipLine

You can also tap and hold at multiple points to quickly connect ZipLines and form complex polygons. To make this feature work best for you, there’s a setting to change how quickly it activates. Be sure to check out the new Tips & Tricks page for more info!

Image Import

Put some reality in your sketch by importing images from your camera, photo library, the clipboard, or even the Files app. Tap on one of your layers and select Import / Paste… to select a graphic. Then resize and rotate to place it perfectly. This feature works great when you want to reference a picture while drawing. Try adjusting the image opacity and tracing over it – helps when you’re doing callouts on screenshots, too.

Portrait Orientation and Split Screen

Linea Sketch now supports portrait orientation while you’re drawing or taking notes (yay!) New sketches are created using the iPad’s current orientation, but it can easily be changed by rotating the canvas 90° and closing. All of your favorite grids & templates have been updated for the new orientation, too.

Linea Sketch works great in portrait mode for note taking

Speaking of grids & templates, we’ve expanded the collection to include ruled pages for note taking, additional storyboarding templates, app design for the iPhone X, and a smaller dot grid.

Last, but not least, is support for split screen in iOS 11. Linea Sketch works great as a place to collect images and take notes while doing research on the web. With Safari on one side of the screen and your sketch on the other, it’s easy to jot down information and use Drag and Drop to capture reference images.

Split screen also works great if you use Linea with another drawing app like Procreate. Drag out of the Export view into the other app, or use Settings to enable dragging from selections. You can even Drag and Drop colors between apps!

To celebrate the launch of Linea Sketch you can get it from the App Store at 50% off. Current customers will be pleased to know that this huge update is FREE. No in-app purchases or subscriptions are required to get all the great new functionality in version 2.

If you’ve been looking for a digital sketch pad that you can use without muss or fuss, Linea Sketch is the app your been waiting for. We hope you’ll check it out — and we can’t wait to see how it helps bring your ideas to life!