The Breakroom

Introducing Linea Go for iPhone

September 19, 2018

By Ged Maheux

Linea Go Logo and Hero Illustration - Treehouse and sunshine

On the eve of Apple shipping the most advanced iPhones in the company’s history, we’re pleased to announce a brand new version of our elegant digital sketching app. Designed specifically for iPhone, Linea Go is an amazing companion to the critically acclaimed iPad app and is now available for pre-order on the App Store.

Sketch Anywhere

When we designed Linea Sketch for iPad, we crafted it to be elegant and powerful enough to record your thoughts and ideas, but without overloading you with a myriad of tools, options, and settings that are common in other drawing apps.

Little did we know we were also laying the groundwork for Linea Go and the need to conserve real estate on a phone’s screen. The result is an app that’s always with you, simple, and ready to take notes, sketch concepts, or record ideas with either your finger or a stylus.

Linea Go's toolset

Linea Go’s concise set of tools puts focus on your work, not the interface. Choose from a small but powerful set of best-in-class drawing tools like the Art Pencil, Technical Pencil, Marker, or Pen. Effortlessly switch between pre-defined brush sizes, blending modes, and even quickly switch to Linea’s eraser with a long press of the selected tool. So easy!

Thanks to iCloud, your work is always in your pocket, ready to go. Start sketching an idea on iPhone and continue it later with Linea Sketch for iPad and an Apple Pencil. iCloud keeps your ideas in sync and provides a safe backup of your important projects.

Powerful Color

Like its iPad big brother, Linea Go offers top-notch color controls that are designed to take up minimal space while giving you the most flexibility for sketching or taking notes. Tints and shades are generated automatically, saving time and effort. Banks of pre-defined color sets let you choose a palette that’s right for the work, or you can create a new set with your own custom colors.

Be sure to visit Linea’s Tips & Tricks to learn techniques that will save you time managing colors, tools, and more.

Facing iPhones showing Linea Go's color palette interface

Watch you go!

Linea Go lets you record every movement while you work. Drawing sessions can be saved directly to your iPhone’s camera roll and make a great way to show your ideas to friends, followers, and colleagues.

Linea Go drawing with LIVE STREAMING indicator

You can also live stream to services like Mobcrush (or any other that’s compatible with the ReplayKit standard.) You can give play-by-play descriptions as you work, complete with video from the iPhone’s front-facing camera! Be sure to check out our knowledge base on how to set up live streaming in Linea.

So Much More

Linea Go includes innovative features that are designed to make sketching flexible and fun on your iPhone:

  • Landscape support lets you turn your iPhone on its side and get an aspect ratio that’s perfect for storyboarding or sketching the world around you.
  • Elegant layers let you compose drawings just how you want them: a small screen becomes expansive when you can move layered pieces around easily.
  • ZipLine provides an intuitive solution for drawing straight lines on the smaller screen of the iPhone: just hold the drawing tool still at the end and everything straightens out. Do it again and they connect to each other.
  • Quickly import images into a layer for reference or tracing. Marking up screenshots is a breeze!

Pre-orders for Linea Go will get an automatic download on your iPhone when the app becomes available on Wednesday, September 26th.

If you still haven’t tried Linea Sketch for your iPad it’s currently on sale but will be returning to its regular price with the release of Linea Go. Now is a great time to take advantage of the savings.

Have more questions? Be sure to visit the Linea Knowledge Base for answers and then head to the App Store to pre-order Linea Go for your shiny new iPhone today.