The Breakroom

The Darkest Time of Year

October 16, 2018

By Craig Hockenberry

App icons of all our Mac apps lined up on the chopping block with a cleaver through the skull of Twitterrific's Ollie. Sad birdie!

For over 20 years, we’ve been celebrating our favorite holiday on the Iconfactory home page. Yes folks, it’s that time of year again: Halloween!

It all started long ago with The Great Pumpkin and we haven’t looked back. If you love this holiday as much we do, there’s a page that will give you an endless source of joy. And terror.

But one thing makes this year even better than ones in the past: our site decorations are to die for, thanks to macOS’ new Dark Mode! (Be careful around the new scrollbars, you might get cut.)

So we’ve decided to do a killer sale on ALL our Mac apps and celebrate Mojave’s turn to the dark side. For the next week, you can get these great apps at prices that are CUT IN HALF:

  • xScope — Measure. Inspect. Test. $25 savings
  • Twitterrific — Tweet your way. $4 savings
  • Flare — Your photos are just the beginning. $5 savings
  • iPulse — Keep an eye on your Mac. $5 savings
  • Linea Link — Works hand-in-hand with powerful sketching apps. $2 savings

And here’s one final treat: after you turn on Dark Mode, set your Accent color to orange in the General panel of System Preferences. Boo yah!