The Breakroom

Clicker 1.2: More County for Old Man

September 19, 2019

By Craig Hockenberry

Clicker in all its simplistic glory running on Series 4 Apple Watch

After three years and tens of thousands of downloads, we’re pleased to announce a new version of Clicker, our popular Apple Watch app. Finally!

It’s a simple app that literally just increments and decrements a counter on your wrist, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. The most obvious change is support for the new complications on the Series 4 and 5 watches.

The new version allows you to set an optional goal for the counter. Combined with a ring complication, you can quickly see how close you are to finishing your laps, drinking enough water, filling your nightclub, or taking a break. Personally, I’m tracking how many swims I’ve done during the last year of my fifties.

There’s just one problem: I have no idea how well it works on the new Apple Watches.