The Breakroom

Proposed Anti-Bullying Emoji

November 8, 2019

By Cheryl Cicha

We are honored to be a part of an effort to make social media a kinder experience. Over the years we’ve designed thousands of emoji for clients such as Twitter, Facebook, and many others. When parliamentary candidate and former Secretary of State Penny Mordaunt approached us to create new emoji to support her anti-bullying campaign, we enthusiastically accepted the challenge. Although the most extreme forms of cyber-bullying are dealt with via reporting, blocking or the police, our challenge was to illustrate emoji that call out more nuanced levels of abusive, rude, and bad behavior online.

The goal was to create friendly, non-confrontational emoji that are easy to identify when seen in a timeline. They are intended to be used to let others, including friends, know they’ve overstepped or to help others identify people who behave badly on a regular basis.

Anti-Bullying Emoji Concepts
The emoji are currently at the sketch stage to communicate concepts and gain support. If approved by the Unicode Consortium, the emoji will be included in Unicode Standards and rendered in the unique style of each messaging platform. You can learn more about the campaign here and if interested support the effort to include the emoji in Unicode Standards or spread the word with #GoodMannersEmojis.

We’re excited to see where this goes and look forward to continuing use our craft to help create healthier social norms online.