The Breakroom

Triode 1.1: Keeping Track of Tracks

January 13, 2020

By Craig Hockenberry

Today we’re happy to announce a new version of Triode with a brand-new feature called Track History. Track History remembers the last 100 songs you’ve played in Triode, and is easy to access on each platform:

  • iOS: Tap Track History in the Now Playing view under the play/pause button (that’s revealed with music note icon). A long-press on the artwork or track information will also bring up Track History.
  • macOS: Click Station > Show Track History… in the menu bar (or use the Cmd-T shortcut.)
  • tvOS: Swipe up for controls in Now Playing, then select Show Track History.

Triode's new Track History and zoomable track artwork features

You can select any item in the list to get additional information about the track, including when and where it was played. There are options to open the track in Apple Music or iTunes and share links or artwork. On iOS, you can even tap on the artwork to zoom in (double-tap toggles the zoom).

We’ve been testing this feature for a few weeks and find it’s really helpful to answer the question of “what was that song?” Radio is often something that you listen to while doing other things, and knowing that you can go back later and check out something new is super handy. Especially when you’re using CarPlay while driving: “Keep your eyes on the road, your hands upon the wheel!”

This feature has also been designed with your privacy in mind. Your listening habits never leave the device: there are no tracking servers collecting statistics. We’ve also included a Clear Track History button to completely remove the data from your device (it’s in Settings on iOS, and in the Station menu on macOS).

For details check out the version history, or download the FREE app and have fun keeping track of your tracks!