The Breakroom

Meet Tot – Your Tiny Text Companion!

February 25, 2020

By Craig Hockenberry

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You have text. Lots of text. A screen full of digital stickies. Your notes app. That scribbled-on napkin tucked in your jacket pocket (you forgot about that, didn’t you?).

Tot is here to help. It’s an elegant, simple way to collect and edit text across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Use Tot for jotting down notes. Brainstorming. Organizing a project. Whatever you need. Tot is your tiny text companion!

Less Is More
Tot’s single window design and simple formatting controls mean no more hunting for that chunk of text. Seven color-coded dots let you organize your notes while keeping them from getting out of hand.

Tot running in both dark and light mode on macOS
Dark / Light Mode
Designed to look stunning both day and night, Tot takes full advantage of iOS and macOS themes.

Small Footprint
Stays out of the way on the desktop with minimal chrome and can even be controlled via the Menu bar. On mobile, each dot is just a swipe away.

iCloud Sync
Seamlessly syncs your text across iOS and macOS using iCloud so you can capture thoughts wherever you are.

Markdown Support
Full support for rich or plain text and even automatically translates text to Markdown for handy use on the web. Have an RTF file you need marked up? No problem!

Killer Keyboard
Tot puts common text operations on the keyboard and keeps track of word and character counts as you type.

And a special treat for folks on macOS: something we’re calling the “dynamic icon”. The Dock icon adapts to whatever you’re doing in Tot and acts as a nice cue for keeping track of your work. Control-click on the Dock icon to make things look their best on your desktop!

Be sure to follow Tot on twitter for the latest app-related news as well as tips and tricks. Tot is available today for iOS and macOS.