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DoBots, Assemble!

June 18, 2021

By Webmaster

Frenzic: Overtime title graphic featuring InfoBot and DoBot

Today’s the day! The long-awaited sequel to Frenzic, one of the App Store’s first hit games, is now available on Apple Arcade. Frenzic: Overtime combines fast-paced and engaging play with stunning visuals and sound in an arcade-style puzzler for players of all ages.

Creating this game has been a labor of love for all of us here at the Iconfactory, and we absolutely cannot wait for you to play it. It’s packed with dozens of challenging levels with pulse-pounding music, never-before-seen puzzles, multiple game play modes, a light-hearted storyline, and so much more.

DoBot gears up to the challenges of daily life at Frenzic Industries
Frenzic's Hacker levels in action
Frenzic's fast-paced puzzles are a blast for players of all ages
Players face a variety of fun, challenging puzzles in Frenzic: Overtime

We have a lot to say about Frenzic: Overtime. The long road from the original to today’s sequel release, how Apple Arcade helped bring it to life, what went into its creation, and what’s on the horizon for Frenzic’s future. We hope you’ll join us, but for now there are puzzles to solve, corporate ladders to climb, and a world to save. Head on over to Apple Arcade, get Frenzic: Overtime, and start building your powercores!