The Breakroom

The Test Lab: A Daily Frenzic Challenge

October 15, 2021

By Webmaster

The bots are back! Today we’re announcing the grand opening of Frenzic: Overtime’s Test Lab. Compete against friends and other players worldwide in WhizBot’s exciting daily challenges. Devise unique strategies to earn Squarks and complete bonuses as you fight to earn your place as top bot on the leaderboard.

Report to the Test Lab every day for new levels, bonuses, and endless challenges that build on the skills you’ve already acquired playing Frenzic on Apple Arcade. There are a bunch of fun Game Center achievements to earn, rewards for maintaining daily streaks, and even special holiday events you won’t want to miss.

We’ve also joined forces with the amazing team at Backbone, makers of our favorite handheld controller for iPhone, to bring you something special – a super-cool, Backbone-themed skin for DoBot. Simply plug your iPhone into Backbone while playing Frenzic: Overtime and DoBot’s slick new appearance is revealed. Trust us when we say you’ll be the envy of every other bot on the assembly line.

Today’s Frenzic: Overtime update also contains many visual and gameplay enhancements, bug fixes, and improved localization. We’re also paving the way for new Frenzic goodness in the months ahead: follow Frenzic on Twitter to be the first to know! We can’t wait to see how you stack up in the Test Lab: these challenges won’t beat themselves!