The Breakroom

WorldWideWeb Wows

June 24, 2022

By Craig Hockenberry

WorldWideWeb, our FREE app for running a simple web server has struck a chord with developers and other folks who work with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Even the discerning individuals at Hacker News had nice things to say about it!

Today we’re happy to announce an update for both macOS and iOS.

The main improvement in version 1.0.1 is “auto refresh”. As you edit the text files in your Website Folder, the app watches for changes. When an update is detected, a web socket is used to send a notification to the browser that causes a refresh.

A small bit of JavaScript is injected into every HTML page to make this happen, and the feature can be disabled if that causes a problem.

It feels like freedom to work on a site in a text editor and see the browser update as soon as you press ⌘S. Flipping back and forth to refresh is a thing of the past!

The new version also supports drag & drop to get a site going. You can drag a folder onto the Dock icon or Website Folder section of the window.

For other changes, check out What’s New on the App Stores. Your FREE download for macOS and iOS await!