The Breakroom

Clicker 2.0

February 3, 2023

By Craig Hockenberry

Clicker running on Apple Watch. The green count button is displayed along with the number 42

Back in 2015, we released our first watchOS app. Clicker is a simple app with a simple goal: a way to keep track of something important in your life using your Apple Watch. It’s been used by hundreds of thousands of customers.

For me, Clicker kept me swimming in the ocean, for others the count was something different — these are just some of the things we’ve seen in reviews and social media:

  • Laps while running on a track
  • Rests in an orchestral rehearsal
  • Ounces of water each day
  • Number of times smoking to cut back
  • Consecutive days exercising
  • Number of books read
  • Tips from customers
  • Rows while knitting
  • Trick-or-treater management
  • Pizza folding (yum!)

It’s eight years later and we’re all still counting! With recent advances in the capabilities of watchOS and iOS, it felt like a good time to give the product a makeover. Here are the new things that both we and our customers want:

  • A beautiful new plus button that matches the color of the watch complication
  • Customizable color now uses an array of pleasing and standard hues
  • Settings can now be changed directly on Apple Watch
  • New settings to manually set count and update in tens or dozens
  • Plus button now works on iPhone and iPad
  • All data automatically synced to all devices and watch complications
  • Light and dark mode are supported on iPhone and iPad

And the good news is that Clicker is still FREE to download and use. If you really want to show your thanks, make sure to try out one of our other apps. Enjoy!