The Breakroom

Beware the Horseman!

October 25, 2007

As Halloween draws closer, we’re pleased to bring you the latest spooky creation for your computer desktop. Every child knows the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and now the classic tale from author Washington Irving comes to life in the form of a new desktop picture from Iconfactory artist Dave Brasgalla. Ichabod Crane’s fate seems sealed […]

Fouke, Arkansas: Home to the Crabtrees, Boggy Creek – and the Fouke Monster. The classic 1972 docu-drama The Legend of Boggy Creek ventures into the swamps of Arkansas in search of this mysterious Sasquatch-type creature. Fortunately, for those who are too afraid to go searching through swamps, Ged’s latest freeware release, The Legend of Boggy […]

Batman Double Whammie

October 11, 2007

If there’s one super hero that feels right at home this time of year, it has to be the Dark Knight. Surrounded by costumed clowns, scarecrows and all manner of deranged super villains, Batman takes to Halloween like a duck to water. So Mindy & Ged are pleased to present you with two new desktop […]

This is Halloween!

October 5, 2007

It’s that time of the year again folks! It seems like it was just yesterday we were donning our costumes and bumming candy around the pixel neighborhood. Now its scary season once again and to help kick off our month long spooktacular around the factory, we invite you to download Still Thirsty, a fun and […]

Heart of Darkness

September 18, 2007

Meet Dark, the alter-ego of Daisuke Niwa, a 14 year-old boy that transforms when enamored by local girl Risa Harada. Now the only thing that will return his life to normal is to steal the heart of the woman he loves, but she only has eyes for the bad boy. Such is the tale of […]

“Pay attention class!”

August 21, 2007

Arriving just in time for the new school year comes a fun, new desktop picture from resident anime nut, Mindy. This time around the competitive English teacher with a lead foot, Yukari Tanizaki, takes charge and leads the gang from Azumanga Daioh in a daily lesson. Be sure to go to the head of the […]

This past weekend marked the end of Season 3 of the popular sci-fi series Doctor Who in the United Kingdom. At the same time, we here in the U.S. are just now starting to get the Doctor and Martha’s adventures through the summer and into the fall. Seems fair enough since they have to wait […]

Just like the rest of the entire world, we’re caught up in the wave that is iPhone mania. Call it boundless enthusiasm or a desire to support the latest and greatest from Apple, but we’ve got something new, just for you. We’re pleased to announce that our entire library of desktop pictures has been resized, […]

A Nyu for You!

April 10, 2007

‘Elfen Lied’ first premiered in Japan in July of 2004, and tells the tale of Lucy, a mutant with powers both amazing and frightening. Lucy has a split personality, one half of which is Nyu, the happy-go-lucky spirit portrayed in today’s desktop picture courtesy of Mindy. Although the series has been both praised and criticized […]

Artist David Lanham has created an all new, free desktop picture for all you Frenzic addicts out there. Now you can proudly display the Frenzoid (the high-tech mascot of Frenzic) right on your computer’s desktop. He can sit patiently for hours on your desktop all the while reminding you that if you’d just play one […]