The Breakroom

The last part of the Arcade Daze makeover is now complete. Ged’s completed the first volume of application icon replacements in the Arcade Daze style just for you! Now you can give your apps folder the retro refit that it’s been crying out for since the original release of Arcade Daze. Over 75 apps have […]

We’re pleased to announce that two of Talos’ classic freeware icon collections have received the royal upsizing treatment. First up is everyone’s favorite robot dog – Aibo. Back in 2001, this cyber-puppy was the bees knees and every cool kid in town had to have one. Now Aibo’s been updated for Leopard and Vista with […]

Agua Stacks for Your Dock

February 19, 2008

If you’re one of those clever Mac users who has taken to customizing the appearance of your Leopard stack icons, then we’ve got a treat for you. Today’s freeware release will put a whole new spin on your dock’s look and feel – Agua Stacks from David Lanham. These translucent badges are especially designed to […]

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air and on the desktop. Thanks to the efforts of Corey and Kate we’re pleased to bring you three classic icon sets, now with large resources for Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard. First up is Corey’s Smoothicons Vol. 11 collection. Released back in 2005, […]

Arcade Daze System Boots Up

February 5, 2008

Those video sprites you know and love so much are back and this time they’ve come for your trash can, folders and files! That’s right, Ged’s pleased to announce the release of Arcade Daze System, chock full of pixelly goodness just for you. This huge set of over 130 system replacement icons not only contains […]

The Cat Gets the Bat

January 29, 2008

Gotham can be a scary place after dark, but thanks to the Dark Knight, it could be a whole lot worse. Now the famed super hero and all of his villainous arch-enemies are even larger than life thanks to hi-resolution updates for Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista. Talos’ previously released icon sets based […]

More Agua Por Favor!

January 22, 2008

Can’t get enough of the clean, crisp stylings of David Lanham’s Agua series of system replacement icons? Then you’re in luck, because we have a treat in store for you today. David has expanded his popular Agua genre into the realm of face-on Leopard Folders. The result is a massive set of system replacement folders […]

Arcade Daze Gets Rad Update

January 9, 2008

Video warriors assemble! If you enjoyed the recently updated Arcade Daze Galaxian, then you’re in for a special treat. Ged has now updated the original Arcade Daze, set that started it all with new, super-pixel sizes for Mac OS X Leopard and Windows Vista. Now Mario doesn’t need to eat power mushrooms to grow huge, […]

Knicks and Knacks of 2007

December 20, 2007

It’s that time of the year again. The workers have shut down their Macs and put their WACOM tablets into cold storage so they can spend time with their families this holiday season. But before we leave, we’ve dutifully rounded up all of the various one-offs we released this year and packaged them up in […]

Anthony locked himself away in the basement print lab with some etching materials and a copy of CandyBar 3 and told us he wasn’t coming out until he had something special just for you. We’re pleased to report that he’s emerged and brought an all-new copy of his popular Litho System with him, now with […]