The Breakroom

Somatic Rebirth Extras

May 19, 2009

David Lanham’s popular Somatic icon series hits the factory shelves once again with a whole new crop of goodies that are sure to please. Somatic Rebirth Extras picks up with Rebirth Apps left off and raises the bar with over 60 fun icons for your collection. This time around David builds on the drives, folders […]

Hello Kitty!

May 12, 2009

It seems as though from the moment she was introduced in Japan in 1974, Ikuko Shimizu endearing creation, Hello Kitty, was bound to be a cultural phenomenon. In the years since, the super-cute cat and her friends have traveled far and found their way into kid’s hearts across the globe, and now thanks to Mindy, […]

iPods In Living Color

May 5, 2009

Around these parts we firmly believe you can never have enough iPods. This week’s freeware release from Dave Brasgalla affirms that philosophy with the release of Nanochromatic. iPod owners will be pleased to learn they can bring the entire spectrum of the rainbow to their Mac or PC desktop without spending all their hard earned […]

Nimble Folders Roll In

April 29, 2009

We’re back to our regularly scheduled freeware releases this week with a fun set of desktop icons from Talos – Nimble Folders. This set of system replacement folders picks up where Nimble Halloween left off and gives Mac & PC users a fun way to customize the appearance of their core folder set. Head on […]

The Mac community has been watching Microsoft’s new ad campaign closely and we think it’s fair to say they’re not impressed. First we saw actress turned laptop expert, Lauren DeLong, profess that she wasn’t “cool enough” to own a Macbook Pro. Then we got a taste of Giampaolo who told us “Macs are more about […]

Nothing But the Rain

March 25, 2009

We remember back in 2003 when the trailers for Ron Moore’s re-imagining of the short-run but classic 1978 camp sci-fi series began to play. We were not sure what to think. Cylons that look human? Starbuck is a girl? But we gave it a chance despite our concerns about someone frakking with our fond memories […]

A Plethora of Ive Drives

February 24, 2009

Apple fans are in for a treat with this week’s freeware release from Louie Mantia. Inspired by the industrial design of Apple’s hardware maven, Jonathan Ive, Louie has gone all out to create Ive Drives. This massive set of 40 desktop drive icons comes in four styles: Time Capsule, Apple TV, Mac Mini and Unibody […]

Good Things In Worn Packages

February 17, 2009

If there’s one constant in the universe, it’s that you can never have enough application replacement icons. Anthony proves the old adage once again with the release of this week’s freeware collection – Litho Extras Volume 6. This latest set of organic and distressed desktop icons includes popular app replacements such as Things, Coda, Front […]

Smoothicons 14 Slides On Over

February 10, 2009

If there’s a truism here at the Iconfactory, it’s that visitors can’t get enough of Smoothicons. These playful, bold icons that Corey designed originally back in 2000 pop on the desktop and make using your computer a joy. So we’re only too pleased to announce Corey’s latest additions to the Smoothicon suite of creations, Volume […]

Somatic Rebirth Apps

January 27, 2009

Ever since David released his Somatic Rebirth System icons back in December, users have been hollering for more. We’re pleased to report the seeds of David’s imagination have sprouted, been harvested, processed and packed for your consumption. The result are 50+ new icons for Somatic Rebirth Apps. Many of your favorite desktop applications are here […]