The Breakroom

Panic and The Iconfactory are pleased to announce the immediate release of the latest version of our popular system icon utility – CandyBar. This latest version contains several important updates including full qualification for the next Mac OS X release – 10.3.3 as well as a bug fix that prevented reverting to default icons on […]

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the weather lately then you probably know about the nasty storm that swept through the southeast and is now dumping snow in the north. To make a long story short, the factory workers are snowed in today which means our normal Tuesday icon release will be delayed a […]

The Year In Review

January 5, 2004

Well, we’re back from the holiday break today. We’re rested, refreshed and ready to let the creative juices flow once again. Moving forward into 2004 gives us pause to look back on just what the workers managed to accomplish back in 2003. Last year, the workers managed to design and produce 33 all-new icon sets. […]

Ho Ho Holiday Break!!

December 20, 2003

The Iconfactory workers will be setting off in their sleighs to parts unknown to visit family & friends. They will also be taking a MUCH needed brain break and will return on January 6th. All of us here wish you a peaceful and joyous holiday. See ya next year! : D

Candybar’s Dance Continues

December 18, 2003

A quick note to let visitors know that Panic and The Iconfactory have updated our popular icon customization tool, Candybar to version 1.6.2. This version is fully qualified for use with Apple’s latest OS X release of 10.3.2. If you use Candybar, we recommend you head on over and download it today.

Any Macintosh addict knows that tomorrow marks the official release of Apple’s new operating system – OS X 10.3 – Panther. And while we love almost everything Panther has to offer, we still want to customize our system icons! Enter CandyBar version 1.6 from the talented folks from Panic. CandyBar has been updated for 10.3 […]

Dave’s at it again, this time with two new desktop pictures and a set of sounds based on the ever creepy and hugely popular Alien movie series. Join Ellen Ripley and the Colonial Marines on LV425 as they get in over their heads at Dave’s personal webpage, the Pixelhaus. Check it out… if you dare!

England’s Autumn

October 13, 2003

Iconfactory worker, Kate England, has posted a beautiful new icon set over at Marmalade Moon – Autumn Leaves. This simple, yet amazing set of eight icons will bring the feel of Fall onto any Mac or PC desktop. Maramalde Moon is also offering a companion desktop picture and multilingual calendar that complete the make-over. Head […]

CandyBar Updated to 1.6.5

September 24, 2003

Panic has completed the latest update to CandyBar that will allow users of both Mac OS 10.2.7 and the recently pulled 10.2.8 to continue to customize their system icons. There may be another update when Apple decides to re-post the 10.2.8 revision, so we ask that you stay tuned to the factory for more info […]


September 11, 2003

As we reflect on the events of a single day and how it changed our nation over the past two years, let us also consider the unity it brought and celebrate the resilience of the American people. Today, on this day of days, we remember the lost and salute the heroes.