The Breakroom

Let Iconfactory Build Your Next App

February 23, 2015

By Cheryl Cicha


The Iconfactory has been designing leading edge icons and user interfaces, as well as shipping award-winning software for nearly twenty years. Our approach to early adoption of new development technologies and design trends helps set our apps apart from the competition.

Iconfactory apps average 4-5 star reviews, are routinely awarded ‘Editor’s Choice’ and ‘Best of’ in the App Store and are often referred to by users and developers alike as best in class. Glowing reviews and mentions of our software efforts in the press speak for themselves. So after two decades building our own software, it was time to share our expertise and provide app development services to clients.

What makes Iconfactory’s offering unique is our highly experienced and talented team, combining best in class design, development, and strategic vision under one roof. For clients, this means exceptional levels of quality and efficiency in leveraging leading edge mobile, web, desktop and wearable technologies to help build their business. Whether clients have the spark of an idea, an app in progress, or a live app needing improvement or expansion, we can help. Customer apps are treated as if they are our own and our intention is to form long-term relationships that build value beyond a highly polished 1.0 release.

We have several flagship client apps that we’ve quietly and carefully helped craft. The social networking app, Willow and the health care application, vidscrip for iPad are just two examples. Here is what Michael Bruch, founder of Willow has to say,

“The Iconfactory has treated Willow like one of their own apps, and has worked overtime to ensure its success. These guys really treat the people they work with like partners, not just clients. Hard working, highly skilled, and personable, anyone would be lucky to call the Iconfactory part of their team.”

Discover how a great app built by Iconfactory can help your business succeed. We’d love to hear from you.