The Breakroom

Twitterrific for Apple Watch

April 16, 2015

By Ged Maheux


Today we are pleased to announce that Twitterrific 5.11 with Apple Watch support is available in the App Store. Ever since we first saw Apple’s new wearable in action, we knew Twitterrific would be a great fit. There are a myriad of compelling features in this update so we wanted to take some time to share a few of them with you.

Twitterrific’s approach to interactions on Apple Watch closely mirrors those of Apple’s built-in apps. The app consists of three parts: the Glance, Recent Activity, and Notifications.

Twitterrific’s glance gives you a fun, visual digest of the total number of favorites, retweets and new followers you’ve received over the past 24 hours. Think of it as a lightweight version of the Today View from the iOS app. It also displays the number of unread tweets currently waiting for you the next time you launch the iOS app. Note that Twitterrific’s push notifications (available as a one-time in-app purchase) are needed to take full advantage of the app’s features on Apple Watch.

The Twitterrific watch app displays a list of your most recent 25 replies, mentions, direct messages, favs, RT’s and new followers right on your wrist. This helps you focus on the part of Twitter that’s most important to you and frees you from information overload common when viewing your entire timeline. Simply tap any item in the list to view its details and respond in a number of ways. Favorite a reply or mention, give a new friend a follow back and even reply to mentions and direct messages using Apple Watch’s dictation feature. It’s just that simple.


Twitterrific’s Glance, Recent Activity and Tweet Detail screens

Force-press from the activity view to compose a new tweet from scratch or manually refresh the list of recent items. You can even use Handoff when composing a new tweet with dictation or viewing a user profile to transfer what you’re looking at directly to your iPhone. Simply dictate your tweet, then look for Twitterrific’s icon on your iPhone or iPad’s lock screen. Unlock your device with the icon and Twitterrific opens directly to the compose screen with your new tweet ready for editing or posting. How cool is that?

Twitterrific for Apple Watch includes a range of notification types that help you keep track of who’s following you, retweeting or favoriting your tweets and more. Simply raise your wrist when you receive a notification to view it. Hold your wrist up for a few seconds longer to view more information about the notification. Depending on the notification type, you can even take action without touching your phone: saving time when you’re on the go.

Twitterrific 5.11 also includes a host of other new features including RT & Fave counts displayed directly on selected tweets, interactive notifications from the iOS lock screen and much more. Even if you do not own a shiny new Apple Watch (yet!) you’re going to love this update.

A wealth of attention to detail has gone into bringing you the best possible Twitter experience available. We thank our loyal customers for their continued support and hope new users will seek Twitterrific out in the App Store and give us a try on their wrists in just a few short days. Enjoy!