The Breakroom

Facebook Messenger Gets a New Emoji Face

June 1, 2016

By Ged Maheux

Facebook Emoji Hero Shot

Facebook’s popular Messenger app launched an important update today that added, among other things, an all-new, custom suite of emoji for users to enjoy. We’re gratified to have been enlisted by the Messenger team at Facebook to help make this new icon collection a reality. This monumental effort spanned months of work and included everything from the initial concept designs and visual refinements to final production and detailed testing assistance. The results are over 1200 uniquely-styled emoji specifically created to bring a light-hearted and fun feel to Messenger.

The Iconfactory is honored to have contributed to an important visual refresh of a widely loved product like Messenger. It’s always a challenge to design a unique visual style for something that has been done countless times before, but we are delighted with the results we achieved working with the team at Facebook. We hope users enjoy exploring these new emoji and we look forward to expanding the collection in the future with even more fun, friendly icons.