The Breakroom

Iconfactory Celebrates 20 Years

June 20, 2016

By Ged Maheux

Iconfactory founders: Corey Marion, Dave Brasgalla, Gedeon Maheux, Craig Hockenberry and Talos Tsui

Company founders (left to right): Corey Marion, David Brasgalla, Ged Maheux, Craig Hockenberry, and Talos Tsui in the same room for the first and only time back in the summer of 1999.

If you had asked any of us in 1996 if we’d still be busy making icons and crafting software twenty years later, we probably would have thought you were crazy. It’s hard to believe we’re still here designing icons for you, our loyal fans and clients. What started as a hobby between three (and then five) friends has grown to become something beyond our wildest dreams. Throughout this journey we’ve been blessed to work with some of the most talented people in the industry, honored by our peers and all while doing something we love. Who could ask for more?

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Iconfactory, and in order to help celebrate, we’ve put together “20 Years“, a webpage that highlights where we’ve been and how our art, techniques, and products have changed over the years. We’re also marking the occasion with special pricing on Flare, xScope and iPulse this week, so be sure to mark your calendars to take full advantage of these promotions.

We’ve also launched two brand new products. The first is BitCam, a fun, retro camera that lets you take old-school pictures circa 1996. BitCam is a great way to re-live the heady, early days of the Mac and has been receiving great reviews from users and press alike. The second new product is Exify, an iOS app that lets you peer inside your digital photos giving information on color range, metadata, location and much more. Written by veteran engineer Craig Hockenberry, Exify will help you better understand what makes a great digital photo. Both BitCam and Exify are available in the App Store today.

All of us here feel especially privileged that you’ve downloaded our iconic creations and software for the better part of a quarter century. In our own small ways we’ve done our best to contribute to the Mac & iOS community by giving back whenever possible. It’s our way of showing gratitude for the generous support you’ve all given us. As we look to the future, we’re filled with excitement for what technology and design trends have in store for us all. Join as we pause momentarily to look back and discover just how we got here. Explore and enjoy our digital tribute to the past twenty years, but please excuse us, we’ve got to get back to work. These icons and apps won’t design themselves!