The Breakroom

Mallow & Puddin’ Stickers for iMessage

November 4, 2016

By Ged Maheux

Mallow & Puddin' characters drinking tea, chatting on a laptop and chowing down on dinner

Stickers have taken the App Store by storm and today we’re pleased to announce there’s a new pair of besties you’ll be dying to download. Mallow & Puddin’ is an adorable collection of fun-filled stickers (and a fun iPhone wallpaper) that are the perfect antidote to boring chats. Created by artist Savannah Glitschka, these lovable characters will snuggle & sneak their way into your heart. Head on over to the iMessage App Store and download Mallow & Puddin’ today for just 99¢. Be sure to also check out our entire catalog of sticky creations while you’re at it, there’s something there for everyone!