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Linea Sketch 2.1 – Color Is Key

May 29, 2018

By Ged Maheux

Linea Sketch v2.1 for iPad Hero Image

We love color. As any designer will tell you, color plays a critical part in the creative process. Every single day, artists use color to set a particular tone for a project, evoke emotions or reinforce a specific brand. We’re pleased to announce the way you use color in Linea Sketch for the iPad is getting even better. Today’s update extends and improves Linea’s already outstanding color support so that you can choose and manage colors with ease.

Custom Color Picker

Linea Sketch’s Custom Color Picker now offers more options including the ability to adjust the lightness or darkness of a color. It also lets you choose colors for your sketch via hex code or the new eyedropper tool. Choose any available custom color swatch to open the Color Picker. Then simply tap to activate the eyedropper and and use the loupe to track to the desired color on the canvas. When you release, the color along with all of its tints and shades are automatically added to the palette. It’s that easy.

Linea Sketch's new Color Picker

The new Color Picker keeps a running set of your most recent colors so you don’t have to worry about losing track of colors as you work. You can also revert to previous colors or completely remove a color from the palette. Tap any color in the recent list to quickly add it back to the main palette or experiment to find others you like.

Color Sets

From the beginning, Linea Sketch was designed to present colors in an elegant and compact way. Auto generation of tints and shades allowed for consistency across projects but was limited to just 3 color palettes. With today’s update, these three palettes can now be customized using the new Color Sets feature.

Tapping the icon at the top of the color palette lets you customize it and choose from a host of pre-defined sets. New color sets include pastels, art deco, flesh tones, and more. There’s even sets designed for specific use cases like app design and a fun set of familiar colors called “Dry Erase” we think you’ll love.

Choose from a range of pre-defined color sets like fleshtones, pastels and more

Want to forgo Linea’s default color palettes entirely? With the new Color Sets feature you can set all three banks to custom colors, providing the maximum number of custom color slots for your projects. Finally, the new Recent Color set gives you quicker access to the new eyedropper tool and extends the number of recent colors tracked in the Color Picker to its maximum.

New Templates

Linea Sketch now offers helpful productivity templates including a to-do list and calendar. We’ve also added a new category of templates called Web Design that includes several entries for responsive web design. These new templates are great for sketching layouts for both the web and mobile platforms simultaneously and are available in both portrait and landscape mode.

Additional improvements in Linea Sketch version 2.1 include lower latency when drawing with the pencil and pen tools, displaying the selected color in each tool’s size indicator and several important bug fixes. We’ve also added a way for fans to help contribute to ongoing development beyond their initial purchase with Linea’s new Tip Jar. Tipping is completely optional and is a great way to support our continued efforts to bring great new features to your favorite iPad sketching app. To contribute a tip, simply open the Settings view, tap Tip Jar, and choose your level of support. Thank you!

Linea Sketch is currently available from the App Store at 50% off. Current customers will be pleased to know that today’s update is FREE. No in-app purchases or subscriptions are required to get all the great new functionality in version 2.1. Be sure to check out the version history page for the complete list of what’s new in this release as well as the Tips & Tricks page for helpful tips to speed your work flow.

If you’ve been looking for a digital sketch pad that you can use without muss or fuss, Linea Sketch is the app your been waiting for. We can’t wait to see how it helps bring your ideas to life!