The Breakroom

Sketching With Linea Through Thick and Thin

February 26, 2019

By Ged Maheux

Linea instagram illustration mosaic

Today’s update of Linea for both the iPad and iPhone brings cool new features that offer increased flexibility when sketching and additional templates for musicians and designers. Combined with greater power and more options when importing and exporting, today’s update unleashes your creativity and helps make sketching in Linea even easier.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

We’ve added more flexibility when sketching with the Pen and Marker tools: you can now use variable stroke widths. Previously, the Pen drew lines with a fixed width and the Marker always varied its width based on pressure. With today’s release, we’re adding a simple control to both that lets you pick the type of stroke you want for each tool: fixed or variable.

Fixed width lines are great for lettering, cartoon outlining, and graphing. Variable pen widths create a more organic feel and are perfect for inking comics, illustrations, and more.

Lines and Trebles and Wearables, Oh My!

Grids and Templates are one of Linea’s most popular features. With good reason: they offer an easy way to help you sketch everything, whether it’s blueprints, interfaces, storyboards, to-do lists, or even Dungeons & Dragons mazes. Our customers love sending us suggestions for new templates, like the ones in today’s release.

Linea showing a circular grid template and an example mandala illustration

Circular grids, sheet music staves, and Apple Watch templates help you be more productive when using Linea. Whether you’re drawing mandalas, writing your next hit, or working on a wearable app, these portrait and landscape layouts will boost your creativity!

Linea showing a sheet music template with notes sketched in the staves

We’ve also added new options for existing grids like reticles (crosses) and large dot grids. To help manage this ever growing collection, sections now include group headers to help you find what you need.

Crop & Go

Crop and Export is now easier to use with presets for popular aspect ratios like 4:3, 16:9, and square. Additionally, the format, size, and position is now saved, making multiple exports of the same content simpler. We’ve also added a long-requested feature — support for PDFs. Save out your sketch in this flexible file format and send it to iOS’s Files app, email, or iMessage easily.

Linea showing the new aspect ratio options for cropping sketches

Other improvements in today’s release include the ability to merge selections into a specific layer, consistent selection undos, better placement of images dropped into Linea, new keyboard shortcuts, and a host of bug fixes.

One More Thing

We recently marked the two year anniversary of Linea on iPad. To celebrate, we’ve put the iPhone version on sale for a limited time. Linea Go is perfect for jotting down ideas or browse your existing drawings when you don’t have your iPad handy. Since sketches sync seamlessly via iCloud, they’re always with you, in your pocket, wherever you go. We think you’ll love the savings, too!

Don’t forget to check out our Tips & Tricks page for some great ways to improve your workflow as well as Sketch’s and Go’s version history pages for the complete list of what’s new.

If you aren’t using Linea yet, today’s update is a great reason to get on board! Head on over to the App Store to download Linea Sketch for iPad or Linea Go for iPhone and you’ll be creating in no time!