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Introducing Twitterrific 6 for iOS

June 13, 2019

By Ged Maheux

Twitterrific 6 logo over a field of iPhones and iPads running the new app

Today we are proud to release Twitterrific 6.0 for iOS! This is one of the biggest updates of Twitterrific ever, representing over 50 bug fixes and improvements as well as a ton of new features. We’re very excited to get all of this amazing stuff we’ve been working on for so long onto your device and into your hands!

Media Unleashed

Now with Twitterrific 6, tweets or direct messages with a single photo, video, or animated GIF will display the attachment at its native aspect ratio. This means you can see the whole thing right in your timeline, without having to tap through to the media viewer. Tweets with more than one photo still show the attachments in a grid to help preserve screen space, but the layout has been adjusted to do a better job of making more of the photos visible (while still focusing on human faces, if possible).

Autoplaying video and animated GIFs

Seeing full-sized images on our tweets felt great and it was obvious that we needed to take things a step farther – so we added support for auto-playing videos and animated GIFs right in the timeline. When a tweet with an animated GIF or a video gets scrolled into view, Twitterrific 6 immediately starts playing it without you needing to tap anything. If the video has sound, an icon appears so there are no surprises when you tap through – we never autoplay audio!

Recently Twitter added the ability to attach photos, videos, and GIFs to quoted tweets, so we brought that functionality to Twitterrific 6 as well. These new, richer tweets will appear correctly in the timeline and you can post them yourself – simply quote a tweet and add your favorite reaction GIF!

To Boldy Go Where no GIF Has Gone Before

Speaking of reaction GIFs, in Twitterrific 6 we’ve made it easier than ever to find and attach them with our new built-in support for GIPHY. While composing a tweet, tap the GIF button to search for just the right snarky animation that captures how you really feel. We’ve even built in handy shortcuts for popular GIFs, memes and our favorite Swear Trek reactions – it’s only logical.

Searching for that perfect GIF in Twitterrific 6 is a snap

Twitterrific’s new GIPHY search in action.

After you’ve attached your GIF, photos, or video to a tweet or direct message, it’s helpful to add a textual description for people who use assistive technologies like screen readers. Twitterrific has supported this for a long time, but in Twitterrific 6 we’ve improved the experience. Tap the attachment’s thumbnail to see a large preview and type a description for it. If you’ve added multiple photos, you can hit the return key on the keyboard or swipe between them to annotate each image quickly and easily.

A Theme By Any Other Name

Twitterrific 6 is all about using Twitter the way you want to use it, so if you’re not a fan of autoplaying videos, you can turn them off. If you don’t want animated GIFs to autoplay, you can turn those off too. If you just want to see the username of everyone in your timeline and skip seeing their full name, you can even do that! We also added a feature that increases the contrast of text in the timeline by forcing it to use either full white or full black no matter which theme is in use.

Two of Twitterrific 6's new themes: Dove and Parakeet

Two of Twitterrific 6’s new themes – Dove and Parakeet

For those of you who want to customize things even more, we’ve added a total of five new colorful themes (two light, three dark) plus three more app icons. There’s also a brand new font available that will totally refresh your timelines: San Francisco Compact Rounded. If you’re feeling especially brave and adventurous, you might find even more customization options by poking around in iCloud Drive – but you didn’t hear it from us! 😉

Twitterrific 6 is a new product. It is free to use with banner ads and occasional purchasing reminders which can be completely removed by subscribing (either monthly or yearly). There are no sneaky free trials here – you have an unlimited time to try before you buy. If you don’t want to subscribe, we also offer a one-time purchasing option that’ll unlock Twitterrific 6 for the duration of its life (Twitterrific 5 had an incredible seven year run!). Scroll through Twitterrific’s development timeline below to see how we got from version 5 to the new and improved version 6.

86 Free Updates, 0 Paid Upgrades

Twitterrific 5's update history - over 6 years of development from 2012 to 2019

There are so many more improvements and bug fixes, including an expanded Twitterrific sticker pack for iMessage, accessibility improvements for Voice Over users, and much, much more. Be sure to visit Twitterrific’s version history page for the entire, huge list of what’s new, then head to the App Store and download Twitterrific 6 for iOS today. Enjoy and thanks for your support!