The Breakroom

A Factory Record

December 16, 2019

By Craig Hockenberry

Last week was a busy one, we released 10 product updates: a record number! Rather than bombard you with bunch of posts, here’s a quick recap of all that’s new:

  • iPulse – Our system monitoring utility got a refresh for some small issues on Catalina, mainly with the new startup disk layout.
  • xScope – Every developer and designer’s favorite tool for measuring, inspecting, and testing their work got some performance improvements and crash fixes, both on macOS and iOS.
  • Linea – The iPad, iPhone, and Mac products all got some new features, including a pricing change to keep the product sustainable.
  • Triode – Our new Internet Radio app for iOS, macOS, and tvOS got its first update! We included a bunch of features requested by new customers including the ability to arrange Your Favorites as you please.
  • Stickers – If that wasn’t enough to kill your average developer, we also released an update to our Sticker packs. Mallow & Puddin’ got some new icons, while other packs got a refresh to ensure compatibility with the latest iOS release.

We even started testing a new product idea ‐ if you want to know more about that, join our club of supporters, and get lots of goodies before anyone else :-)