The Breakroom

Frenzic: Overtime – Coming Soon to Apple Arcade

April 2, 2021

By Ged Maheux

Frenzic: Overtime hero image of DoBot standing outside Frenzic Industries holding a powercore

Today we’re pleased to announce that Frenzic: Overtime is coming soon to Apple Arcade. This new game combines fast-paced and engaging play with stunning visuals and sound. It’s an arcade style puzzler that players can easily pick up and enjoy for a few minutes or even hours. We’re thrilled Apple is giving us this opportunity and can’t wait for you to play it!

“Life on the factory floor at Frenzic Industries can be a bit chaotic as players assemble powercores for the new ZapBots. As players meet their shift goals in a timely manner, they’ll be promoted to more rewarding positions on the assembly line. Players will face over 45 levels, multiple gameplay modes, and hundreds of mini-goals as they uncover the secrets of Frenzic Industries, and ultimately, save the world.”

All of us here at the Iconfactory have dreamt of creating a sequel to the original Frenzic, which first debuted on the App Store thirteen years ago. Thanks to Apple Arcade, that dream is about to become a reality. We’ve taken the original game and propelled it not just to the next level, but far beyond. We can’t wait to tell you more about what went into its creation.

So hang tight while the assembly line powers up! There are powercores to build, secrets to unveil, and much, much more in the days ahead. Stay tuned!