The Breakroom

WorldWideWeb for PROs

May 16, 2023

By Craig Hockenberry

WorldWideWeb, our simple web server for iOS and macOS, has been a hit with developers. It’s another case of us scratching our own itch and finding out there are lots of folks who need to do the same thing!

Of course, people who rely on an app also start asking for features. One feature that has gotten a lot of attention is auto refresh. It’s a huge time saver to edit your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in your favorite editor, then see all the changes in your browser as soon as you save with ⌘S. It also makes testing in multiple browsers a snap because all of them update simultaneously.

The auto refresh we included in version 1.0 was very basic. We spent quite a bit of time with improvements and making the feature as bullet-proof as possible. The whole user experience is better.

And now our simple little product is a little less simple and needs more customer support. To deal with these new costs, we’re going to be charging for the features that only web professionals will need. The basic features will remain free and the PRO upgrade is a one-time purchase of $10 per-platform. You can also try out PRO with a free trial.

This new revenue source will also help keep the app FREE for the folks who need it the most. It makes us incredibly happy when people use the app to learn how the web works without first jumping over the hurdle of setting up a server with the command line.

We’ve also launched a new website that includes a quick demo of the new features. If you work on the web, you owe it to yourself to check out the new WorldWideWeb!