The Breakroom

A New Era for CandyBar

August 3, 2012

If you love to collect, organize and customize Mac OS X desktop icons as much as we do, CandyBar has probably been your best friend since it launched back in 2007. Unfortunately, over the years Apple’s efforts to make OS X more secure have slowly crippled the app. Customizing icons of signed apps causes the […]

Summer On A Stick

July 24, 2012

Summer on a Stick is a set of ice creams and popsicle icons to keep your desktop stylish, cool and refreshing. Designed by Kate England, these icons are inspired by childhood memories. Refreshing like popsicles on a hot, sunny day. Nostalgic like a childhood memory. The clarity of a recollection, expressed with simplicity, rich in […]


July 10, 2012

Slab is a new icon style from Iconfactory designer Corey Marion. His original intent for this set was simply to extend the popular Smoothicon collection with all of the latest Apple hardware but somewhere along the line it evolved into something more precise and more technical. Inspired by the BeOS icons from the 1990’s, Slab […]

With the imminent release of Prometheus, Ridley Scott is returning to the ever-popular science fiction franchise he kicked off more than thirty years ago with the classic Alien. To say that we’re all excited to see what he’s going to show us is putting it mildly – it’s sure to be an impressive experience. Of […]

Avengers Refresh!

May 8, 2012

Dave Brasgalla has assembled a new set of folders to expand his Refresh folder replacement icons. Avengers Refresh adds on to the Refresh series with character symbols from Marvel’s latest superhero adventure, The Avengers. Head on over and download them from our freeware page today!

In a little over a week, Marvel’s massive superhero adventure, The Avengers, will burst onto the screen to the delight of comic fans world wide. To help celebrate the release, Iconfactory artist Talos Tsui is pleased to announce the release of the second set in his ATV series – ATV Drives 2. Volume two builds […]

There are monsters and then there are monsters. You know the ones we mean, the ones that froze your soul as a child and kept you up nights wondering if you’d still be alive when the sun came up. Now, Iconfactory artist Dave Brasgalla has brought some of these ghoulish fiends to life in an […]

Heroes & Villains Icons

August 16, 2011

HULK SMASH BORING DESKTOPS! Iconfactory artist David Lanham brings some of pop culture’s most iconic heroes and villains to your desktop to duke it out. The Heroes and Villains collection features characters from both movies and comics drawn in David’s own unique style and is sure to liven up any Mac or Windows based PC. […]

Good news everyone! New episodes of everyone’s favorite cartoon from the year 3000, Futurama, start this week on Comedy Central. To help celebrate the new season, we’re pleased to announce the release of Futurama Vol. 7 from Gedeon Maheux. This latest set in the ongoing series brings more of your favorite characters to life like […]

RB: 02 System Icons

May 3, 2011

From the mind and pen tool of artist David Lanham comes another original creation – RB: 02. This playful and crazy set of organic system icons will lend a fresh and fun feel to your Mac or PC desktop. RB: 02 is available today as a free download and also comes as a handy CandyBar […]