The Breakroom

With only four days left until the witching hour arrives, we’re pleased to throw one more treat into your bag of Halloween goodies – Son of Somatic. This playful, yet creepy set of desktop icons (the first Somatic set to be updated for Leopard) has oozed from the mind of David Lanham to haunt your […]

Trick or Trash!

October 21, 2008

Halloween slithers closer this week with our latest freeware set. Trick or Trash, Anthony Piraino’s latest icon release, is a Halloween-themed trash can replacement set. Sneak on over to the freeware page, download Trick or Trash for Mac, PC, or as a handy CandyBar iContainer, and creep out your Dock before it’s too late!

Trick or Treat!

October 14, 2008

Today’s creepy pre-Halloween icon release should incite floods of memories in those who roamed the neighborhood streets in search of candy bars and popcorn balls back in the 1970’s. These unexpectedly scary creations are based on the ridiculously cheap costumes that lined the local department store’s seasonal racks and were desired by kids everywhere. Come […]

This is Halloween!

October 7, 2008

Regular visitors know this is our very favorite time of year. There’s a chill in the air, the full moon is out and spooks and goblins haunt the land – it’s Halloween! In the days leading up to All Hallow’s Eve, we promise to deliver some of the very best Halloween themed goodies available anywhere. […]

iPhonica Vol. 4 Is Here

September 30, 2008

Here at the Iconfactory, we may not be able to fix the U.S. economy, but we can give your desktop a bailout from boring icons. This week’s freeware release is iPhonica Volume 4, the next addition to Kate England’s popular iPhonica series of icons. Volume 4 features iPhone style gumdrops for various chat and browser […]

The 19th o’ September has sailed around again, and ye know what that means – Talk Like A Pirate Day! Ye scurvy dogs’ll have to get yer own booty and grog, but we here can help ye with the icons. Set a course for our old classics, Jolly Roger and Jolly Roger Volume 2 and […]

Aqua’s Back and It’s Black!

September 16, 2008

After a self imposed break, the Iconfactory production line ramps back up in a big way today with the release of an all-new system replacement set from David Lanham. Looking for a nice set of dark-themed folders for that slick black MacBook of yours? Perhaps Aqua blue just isn’t your thing. Either way, we’re willing […]

Brace yourself for an all new adventure, almost two decades in the making. Join fabled archaeologist, Indiana Jones™ and his trusty sidekick, Mutt, as they race to discover the hidden secrets of the fabled Crystal Skull of Akator. It’s the final installment in our tribute to the adventure films of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg […]

We’re pleased to offer updates on two fronts today. First, Anthony’s work on the final installment of our four set tribute to Indiana Jones™ is under way. The pixelated treasures are being unearthed as we speak and we hope to have you the final release by the end of the month. Hang in there everyone! […]

Think you can keep up with the Joneses? Indy must save his father and the legendary Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade™, the third feature in our month long tribute to the thrilling adventure series from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Artist Anthony Piraino has outdone himself bringing the memorable objects and […]