The Breakroom

Our frantic game of veggie-patch fun, Pickin’ Time is being featured in a special Apps for Kids promotion this week in the App Store. To help celebrate, we’re lowering the price of Pickin’ Time to just 99

A Ramp Champ Christmas!

December 16, 2009

Offering Ramp Champ as a free download introduced this addictive ode to Skee-ball & pinball to thousands of new users all over the world! Now we’re here to bring all of those new players a special holiday treat. Announcing North Pole, a new, completely FREE add-on level for Ramp Champ. Plunk mischievous elves, sink snowflakes […]

The Iconfactory & DS Media Labs are pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 1.1 of Ramp Champ, our addictive ode to the classic boardwalk games Skee-Ball and pinball. Since its release in August, Ramp Champ has been receiving rave reviews from users and critics alike. Version 1.1 of Ramp Champ offers a host […]

Pickin’ Time v1.1 for iPhone

November 18, 2009

We’re pleased to announce that our fun, fast-paced elimination-style game for the iPhone, Pickin’ Time, has been updated to version 1.1. This update fixes bugs but also allows players to select which vegetable they’ll be harvesting in single player mode. Don’t want to hunt for acorn squash? No problem, simply tap on the veggie until […]

The Iconfactory is pleased to announce our newest game for the iPhone and iPod touch – Pickin’ Time. This fast, elimination-style game is bushels of fun for players of all ages. The object is simple – pick your vegetable just as fast as you can whenever it pops up to earn garden patch bragging rights! […]

CandyBar Updated to 3.2.2

October 23, 2009

Panic has released a second update to our popular icon customization tool, CandyBar, for Apple’s Snow Leopard operating system. This latest update addresses several issues which was causing CandyBar to crash as well as allows the software to import a wider variety of image formats. Head on over to Panic to view the complete release […]

We’re pleased to announce that Ramp Champ, the new addictive arcade game from the Iconfactory & DS Media Labs, has been updated to version 1.0.1. This latest version fixes crashes that some users experienced in 1.0 and also improves performance on 1st generation devices. We encourage all users of Ramp Champ to visit iTunes either […]

Apple’s long awaited OS upgrade, Snow Leopard, hits store shelves starting tomorrow. The list of updates and improvements is impressive and is sure to have Mac fans smiling from ear to ear. Right in step with Apple’s Snow Leopard, Panic has released an update to Candybar, the icon organization and collection app that icon lovers […]

Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, step right up and prepare to embark on a fanciful journey you won’t soon forget! The Iconfactory & DS Media Labs, the talented developers behind Light Riders and the upcoming mobile MMO Dark Age of Reality, are pleased to bring you Ramp Champ. Available for the iPhone […]

Our good friends over at Panic have launched a historic sale of their software that you don’t want to miss. From now until 11:59pm PST on Friday, May 29th, all of Panic’s applications are 50% off their usual price. If you’ve longed to own such landmark Mac apps such as Coda, Transmit, Unison or CandyBar, […]